Martha's Pantry

The purpose of Martha's Pantry is to provide a warm "home-cooked" meal when it's most needed, whether the occasion is a happy one such as a home overflowing with unexpected guests because of a baptism or something sad or worrisome like the loss of a job.  Sometimes a little comfort food serves as a reminder that our comfort is in Christ, and His steadfast love is always there for us.

Martha's Pantry volunteers prepare meals together in the church kitchen and then freeze them so they are available when the need arises.  Anyone in the congregation can take a meal to anyone who needs one.  When you take a meal to someone, please fill out the sheet on the freezer door so the inventory stays up to date and workers know when to schedule another cooking session.

From time to time Martha's Pantry serves treats during the Fellowship Time on Sunday mornings to help raise funds for purchasing the necessary supplies.  Thank you in advance for your support of this ministry.

If you enjoy cooking and the fellowship that goes with it, please consider adding your name to our list of "Marthas" by contacting Jan Schmuck or Connie Hoefer!